General Terms and Conditions for using the online platform

The terms and conditions will govern the terms under which you may access the web-site and the service provided by it. By accessing and using this service you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, i.e. the agreement between you and the remittance provider. The act of registration and use of the remittance facility provided mean that you agree to accept and be bound by this agreement.

Definitions in this Terms and Conditions

Registered User

A visitor who has registered himself on the website or in any of our service provider branches irrespective of whether he has used or not used the products offered by the service will be termed as a registered user. The act of registration and the use of the remittance facility mean that the registered customer accepts and is bound by this agreement.

Service Provider

  •  The word "service provider" refers to UAE Exchange, in United Kingdom
  • UAE Exchange centre WLL in Kuwait
  • UAE Exchange Australia PTY LTD in Australia
  • UAE Exchange Canada INC in Canada
  • Moneydart global services INC in the United States of America (U.S)
  • UAE Exchange Hong Kong Ltd in Hong Kong
  • Qatar - UAE Exchange Est in Qatar
  • UAE Exchange Centre Co. Bahrain WLL in Bahrain
  • UAE Exchange in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)
  • UAE Exchange New Zealand Pty Ltd in New Zealand


The word "beneficiary" refers to the person that the registered user designates to receive the funds from the Transaction/ Instruction.

Transaction/ Instruction

Instruction/ transaction refer to the payment of funds that the registered user request for and authorize through the online platform to process and deliver to the beneficiary.

Online Platform

Online platform is the online web-based service on which the registered user may request the delivery of the Instruction/ Transaction to the beneficiary.


Money2anywhere is the online portal providing registered users an online money transfer platform & records remittance requests. Money2anywhere will disburse the amount to a bank or agent locations as instructed by the registered user using international banking channels and money2anyhwhere correspondent banking network.

This web-based service is brought to you by:

  • UAE Exchange centre WLL in Kuwait
  • UAE Exchange in the United Kingdom
  • UAE Exchange Australia PTY LTD in Australia
  • UAE Exchange Canada INC in Canada
  • Moneydart global services INC in the United States of America (USA)
  • UAE Exchange Hong Kong Ltd in Hong Kong
  • Qatar - UAE Exchange Est in Qatar
  • UAE Exchange Centre Co. Bahrain WLL in Bahrain
  • UAE Exchange in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)
  • UAE Exchange New Zealand Pty Ltd in New Zealand


In order to access and use this web-site and avail of any facility provided, you must be an individual of at-least 18 years of age who can enter into legally binding contracts under applicable law. You must have a valid postal address and e-mail address. You acknowledge that by initiating a Transaction, you are requesting money2anywhere the web-based remittance facility to process your Transaction, an offer which the service provider may accept or reject at its sole discretion.

Activation for Registration

The Registration with money2anywhere can only be activated based on compliance and KYC norms of the country from where you are remitting funds.

Customer Number and Password

On registration a unique 16 digit customer number will be emailed to the registered user on the email address provided at the time of registration. The registered user will have to use this customer number to log in to the web-site and for all future transactions. Registered user must store the customer number safely to make future transactions.

The Registered User will be responsible for maintaining the secrecy and confidentiality of customer number and password. Registered user is fully responsible and liable for all transactions and activities that occur under the customer number and password including any unauthorized use or misuse of the customer number and/or Password, money2anywhere shall have no obligation to verify the authenticity of any such transaction or activity. In consideration of money2anywhere agreeing to provide the facilities as per the Terms and Conditions, the Registered User hereby agrees unconditionally to indemnify money2Anywhwere and hold money2anywhere harmless against any liability, costs, damages, claims, suits, and proceedings based upon or relating to such unauthorized access and use. The Registered User agrees to log out from his or her account at the end of each session.

The Registered user will immediately notify money2anywhere via e-mail at for transfers from United kingdom, for transfers from Australia, for transfers from Canada, for transfers from Kuwait, for transfers from Hong Kong, for transfers from Qatar, for transfers from United Arab Emirates, for transfers from Bahrain and customer.service@us.money2anywhere.comfor transfers from United States of America (USA) for transfers from New Zealand. or by registered post to the below mentioned address

  • for United Kingdom:- UAE Exchange ,14-15 Carlisle Street London W1D 3BS United Kingdom,
  • for Australia:- UAE Exchange Australia PTY LTD Ltd, Level 5, 122 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000,
  • for Canada:- UAE Exchange Canada INC , 279 Queen Street East, Brampton, Ontario L6W 2C2, Canada
  • for Hong Kong:- UAE Exchange Hong Kong Ltd , 309, Hankow Centre, 5-15 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • for Qatar:- Qatar - UAE Exchange Est , P.O.Box 31645, Al Sadd, Doha, Qatar
  • for Bahrain:- UAE Exchange Centre Co. Bahrain WLL , Head Office, P.O.Box : 1825, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
  • for United States of America (USA):- Moneydart Global Services Inc.,DBA Xpress Money, 5953, Empire State Bldg, 59th Floor, 350 Fifth Avenue, New York 10118
  • for United Arab Emirates (U.A.E):- UAE Exchange , P.O. Box: 170, Al Sayegh Centre, Sh Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE and
  • for Kuwait:- 1st Floor, Al Rabia Building, Al Shuhda Street, Murghab ,P O Box 26155, Safat, Postal Code 13122, Kuwait concerning any suspected loss, theft, unauthorized usage of the customer number or password, any other breach of security, or any receipt by the Registered User of confirmation of a transaction, fund or other activity which the Registered User did not authorize; or any inaccurate information in the Registered User's account balances or transaction history.

If the Registered User forgets his /her customer number, the service provider, subject to verification and to money2anywhere's satisfaction as to the Registered User's identity, either send the Registered User the prevailing registered customer number by email on the mail address provided by the registered user at the time of registration.


Money2anywhere is a web based electronic process for fund transfers from registered user's bank account to the beneficiaries account or agent locations as mentioned by the registered user. Registered user will be able to post his/her remittance instructions on the website itself and make funding for that remittance through the internet banking facility/wire transfer using local bank account or through his credit/debit card. In case the registered user is using internet banking facility/wire transfer using local bank account, the transfer will have to be made to the bank account of our service provider. The transaction will be processed only after money2anywhere receives money into the designated bank account mentioned on the web-site during the transaction.

The Process for Completing the transaction is as follows.

  • Registration of the customer
  • Registration approval subject to KYC and compliance rules
  • Filling up account details of the customer and his beneficiary
  • Booking the transaction
  • Processing of remittance instructions by the service provider after regulatory checks

Payment through Credit/Debit Cards

This facility is currently available to UK and Kuwait customers. This facility can be availed by customers having a credit/debit card issued by a bank in UK for transfers from U.K and only debit cards issued by a bank in Kuwait for transfers from Kuwait. If you are paying by credit/debit card, Money2anywhere will process your transaction only after confirming the receipt of your funds to our designated account and will take 4 to 5 working days to deliver the funds to your beneficiary depending upon the delivery option, region and the designated bank mentioned by the registered user.

Money2anywhere, the service provider and its banking partner providing this facility reserve the right to reject the transaction which will be the sole discretion of money2anywhere, the service provider and its banking partner.

Important Notice

Our system verifies your card against your identity and if it does not match your identity, your order will not be processed to protect you from fraud. This is done to ensure that we do not process a transaction not initiated by you.


We do not accept third party payments while making a card payment on the site, Money2anywhere reserves the right not to process your transaction in case of payments through cards using a third party other than you.

Money2anywhere facility is available only for resident Australians who are physically present in Australia at the time of executing the transaction.

Important notice for customers using net banking to fund our account

Please use your internet banking account to fund your transaction. Use your own account for funding the transaction.


We do not accept payments made through third party accounts via net banking. Using third party accounts will result in your transaction being not processed to protect you from fraud.

Registration Information

Limited Access will be given to non-registered users. Only registered users will have full access to the site. The registered user agrees to provide true, accurate, complete and current information as given in the registration form on the website and update this information from time to time to keep it updated, complete, accurate and true. If it comes to the knowledge of money2anywhere that the details provided by the user is untrue, inaccurate, not up to date or incomplete or if there is any incongruity, money2anyewhere reserves the right to cancel the registration or any pending transactions. Money2anywhere reserves the right to request at any time additional documents from the registered user.

All services availed of through the web-site, whether registered online or offline shall be governed by the terms and conditions applicable to money2anywhere as appearing on the web-site of money2anywhere.

Money2anywhere reserves the right to change the terms, conditions and notices applicable to the use of the site and reserves the right to modify any features of any products or services& information offered by the site. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions. Continued use of the site after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes.

Personal Information

The registered user authorizes money2anywhere to use the service of third parties to verify the registered user's identity details/ credit history at the time/ prior/ or subsequent to the registration and obtain reports relating to the registered user.


Money2anywhere does not control and is not responsible in any manner for any fees or charges that may be imposed by your financial institution(s) associated with your Payment Source. In particular, your local bank may charge fees for using the internet banking service/ wire transfer for transferring funds to the service provider's account depending on the payments options chosen by you.

Some credit card issuers may treat the use of your credit card to use the Service as a "cash advance" rather than a purchase transaction and may impose additional fees and interest rates for the transaction. Money2anywhere is in no way responsible or would bear these charges, if any, applied to the registered user by these services.

Delivery of Funds

Funds are delivered to the Beneficiary in the manner that the registered user specifies from the list of available delivery options which vary by Destination Country, but generally include disbursement by (i) Cash Pick up- Xpress money, (ii) Account Credits- Bank Deposits. The registered user cannot change the Delivery Option after he completes his transaction online. For cash pick up as a delivery option, funds shall not be disbursed to a recipient unless he or she presents specified information to verify his or her identity. Delivery Time is subject to AML compliance checks. Money2anywhere will execute the transaction only after receiving credit to its service provider's bank account on the instruction/ transaction made by the registered user.

Foreign Exchange rate

The Foreign Exchange Rate applied on the transaction will the prevailing rate on the day when the transaction is initiated. The Foreign Exchange Rate applied on the transaction will be the rate displayed on the transaction confirmation page on the money2anywhere website. Foreign Exchange Rates are highly volatile and is subject to change.

Cancelling Payments

The registered user cannot cancel or amend any instructions once provided, except as specifically detailed on the Website. Additionally, when the registered user places a request to cancel an instruction or a transaction that has been authorized by the registered user, such cancellation is not guaranteed by money2anywhere. Such instruction or transaction will only be cancelled if the registered user's request for cancellation is received and acted upon before the instruction or transaction has been executed by money2anywhere.

For placing a cancellation request the registered customer has to follow the steps involved

Through phone

  • The registered user has to call up +44 203 078 7623 for remittances from U.K,
  • 1800060595 (Free if called from fixed landline) for remittances from Australia,
  • +1-844-4511900 for remittances from Canada,
  • +852 272 444 80 for remittances from Hong Kong,
  • +974-5968582 for remittances from Qatar,
  • +973-17228224 for remittances from Bahrain,
  • +1732-404-0774 / 0775 for remittances from United States,
  • +971-04-3535350 for remittances from United Arab Emirates,
  • +965-22459417 for remittances from Kuwait for placing the cancellation request.

Through email

TThe registered user has to mail the cancellation request to for remittances from Australia, for remittances from U.K, for remittances from Canada, for transfers from Hong Kong, for transfers from Qatar, for transfers from United Arab Emirates, for transfers from Bahrain for transfers from United States of America (USA) and for transfers from Kuwait mentioning the 16 digit transaction reference number in the mail. for transfers from New Zealand.

Money2anywhere reserves the right to cancel the transaction, if the transaction request has not been executed by money2anywhere.

Other terms of the Service

Money2anywhere may, in its sole discretion, refuse any transaction or limit the amount to be transferred, either on a per transaction basis or on an aggregated basis. Money2anywhere reserves the right at any time and from time to time, to modify or discontinue the Service (or any part thereof) with or without notice. Money2anywhere in its sole discretion may modify this agreement from time to time without any prior notice, unless otherwise specified by money2anywhere, all changes shall take effect automatically and become part of this agreement and be binding on you beginning on the day they are posted on the web-site. Registered user's use of the service shall not violate this T&C or any rules and regulations, including but not limited to rules and regulations relating to money laundering, illegal gambling activities, fraud, or funding of terrorist organizations.

Third Party Facilities

Money2anywhere uses the service of third parties and makes no warranty on behalf of such third parties. Money2anywhere will not be liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred of transactions or dealings between registered users and such third party providers.

Personal Information

By continuing on this website you authorize the corporation and its authorized representatives and agents to capture your IP address which may be used to establish your identity. You understand that your personal details including IP address may be transmitted through a 3rd party system for the purpose of verification and may be shared with any law enforcement agency or any regulating agency.


The registered user agrees that money2anywhere might contact the registered user either through phone, email or other means of communication to explain about the product, or to ask information to confirm to statutory or legal requirements

Online Transfer

UAE Exchange U.K Ltd Terms & Conditions 1/11/2009

  • This agreement is between Customer (hereinafter referred either as "Customer","you" or "your") and UAE Exchange UK Limited (hereinafter referred either as "we", "us" "our", or "UAEUK" as the case may be).
  • Our agreement with you is that we will take reasonable care to provide the money transfer service. As such, we agree to provide you with the money transfer services including person to bank transfers and, person to person transfers.
  • Signature by the Customer on the transaction form shall constitute acceptance of the Terms & Conditions set out herein, as amended from time to time.
  • UAE UK is free to use service/s of intermediary banks/financial service institutions/other money service businesses in any country of its choice for execution of money transfer.
  • Money Transfer Service fees (Transfer Fees) as displayed in each of our branches shall be charged from the Customer for each transfer made by the Customer. Transfer Fees to each location and for each currency may vary. Transfer Fees may change from time to time and without advance notice. Changes will be displayed in our each participating branch and you shall be notified of the Transfer Fee prior to each Transaction. Intermediary / correspondent /collection charges as applicable in some countries will be deducted at paying end.
  • We may, in our sole discretion, refuse any Transaction or limit the amount to be transferred. These limits imposed are done at our sole discretion and may be changed from time to time. We may also refuse to send money or allow to be paid at the destination or receiving end if we believe that:
  • by doing so we might break any law, regulation, code or other duty and responsibility that applies to us;
  • by doing so may expose us to action from any government or regulator; or
  • it may be linked with fraudulent or illegal activity.
  • Unless the law prevents us, we may (at our sole discretion) inform the Customer reasons for our refusal and how Customer can rectify any errors in money transfer instructions given.
  • We act only as a money transmitter and accept no responsibility or liability arising from transactions between the sender and any third parties. (In particular we accept no responsibility or liability for any goods or services including quality and delivery of them, which are paid for by money transfer). You are cautioned to sending money to any person whom you do not know.
  • We have no obligation to you to initiate or perform a Money Transfer Service if:
  • we are unable to obtain satisfactory evidence of your identity;
  • we have reason to believe that the details provided by you is incomplete, incorrect,unauthorized or forged;
  • We fail to obtain payment (i.e. the amount to be transferred plus the applicable fees) for the transaction from you; and we do not accept any liability for damages resulting from non-payment or delay in payment of a money transfer to a recipient or failure to perform a transaction by reason of any of these matters.
  • If you want your transaction processed on the same day, you need to submit the details and make payments for the transaction on or before 5pm GMT (Monday to Friday). Those that are received after cut-off time will be processed the following business day.
  • In order to collect the money and complete a transaction, the reference number and identification will have to be provided for certain type of transaction. Please ask our staff in branch for further details.
  • Customer should not disclose the reference number, value of transfer or other information about the transfer to any other person other than the intended recipient.
  • In case of bank transfer, we will transfer money to the beneficiary's bank account specified by the Customer in the form. If the account is in the EEA, the bank holding the account will receive the money within four business working days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays) from the date of processing of the transfer. Banking practice may vary if it is outside the EEA and for more information on when payment will be credited to such an account, the customer need to contact the recipient bank. The recipient bank may apply its own charges which do not involve us.
  • If we fail to complete your Transaction within reasonable period as applicable in the circumstances, you will be entitled to a refund of the transfer amount of your Transaction and your transfer fee unless we can show that the bank or the payout location received the money or that there was a mistake in the recipient's details provided to us by you. In case of refunds, we will promptly refund the transfer amount and the transfer fee.
  • In no event shall we be liable for damages for delay, non-delivery, non-payment, under-payment, or without limitation any other event relating to your Transaction, whether due to the fault, error or omission of us, for more than the principal amount of your Transaction and the Transfer Fee.
  • In no circumstances shall we be responsible for any losses or damages which are not foreseeable consequences of a breach of these terms and conditions or any failure to complete Transactions either within a reasonable time or at any time.
  • We do not accept the responsibility for any failure to perform your instructions as a result of circumstances which could reasonably be considered to be outside our reasonable control.
  • You must inform us immediately if you think that a transfer was not made properly or never arrived. We will not refund money to you if there is undue delay in telling us about the problem and in any event if not informed within 13 months from the date of sending the money.
  • We will not be liable to the Customer for any incidental, indirect, special or consequential losses or costs or damages or for business losses (such as loss to business profits or opportunities) the Customer suffers.
  • Customer do not have right to cancel the transfer once the transaction is processed and receipt is given to the Customer. Nevertheless if requested by the Customer, we may at our sole discretion, cancel the transfer before it is paid out to the intended recipient. If Customer wishes to cancel a money transfer and request a refund of the transfer amount, the Customer must request us in writing along with a copy of the money transfer receipt provided to the Customer.
  • It is understood by the Customer that all such cancellation request shall be subject to the rules governing cancellations (including cancellation charges) of the intermediary banks/financial service institutions/other money service businesses who makes the payout to the intended recipient.
  • Amount of refund upon cancellation will be after deducting our cancellation charges and cancellation or back end charges of correspondent bank / financial institution /intermediary.
  • The money transfer will be subject to laws related to monetary transactions in the United Kingdom/Intermediary/Destination countries and may be blocked / freezed in case found suspicious. The Customer and the recipient will be fully responsible to provide necessary evidence /clarification to prove legality of entities / funds.
  • Applicable laws prohibit money transmitters from conducting business with certain individuals and countries. In order to comply, UAEUK is required to screen all transfers against a list of names provided by various governments and/or government agencies. If a potential match is found, we will suspend the transfer and request additional information on either the sender or receiver, as necessary.
  • We will not be liable if we break this agreement because of abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances outside our control where we could not avoid breaking this agreement despite all efforts to the contrary which may include, for example, strikes, industrial action, problems with another system or network, mechanical breakdown, data processing failures, English or European Community Law, government or government agency policy or other Force Majeure including, without limitation, Act of God, strikes, industrial action equipment failure or interruption of power supplies provided that UAEUK shall endeavor to give notice to its customers of any anticipated delays by notice in its branches.
  • Nothing in this agreement limits our liability for acting fraudulently or very carelessly and otherwise excludes or limits our liability to the extent that we are able to exclude or limit by law.
  • We will report money transfers to any government authorities if we are required to do so by law.
  • English law applies to this agreement and we will communicate with Customer in English. The court of London shall have exclusive jurisdiction on all matters related to the Service and this agreement.
  • In using the Money Transfer Service, we may need to send your details to third parties. We are committed to protecting your privacy. We may use Customer and recipient's personal information and the details of transfer and store them on our database, in order to provide the customer and the recipient with our services, for managing our business and market research as permitted by applicable law. Customer must have recipient's consent to share his/her personal information with us. We may for those purposes share the information with our group or other companies/institutions which may be located within or outside the EEA.
  • Customer may request access to his/her personal information, ask for the information to be corrected or updated or, for legitimate reasons, oppose its processing, by writing or emailing to us.
  • We maintain records of your transaction history to the extent required under applicable law. Records will be updated on a continuing basis as Transactions are made and received.
  • We are committed to provide Customer with best service at all times. In the unlikely event that the customer is dissatisfied with our service, please write or email us addressed to Complaints Officer, UAE Exchange, 14-15, Carlisle Street, London, W1D 3 BS, Tel: 02074780700 and our email address is
  • We will deal with Customer complaint promptly and fairly. In case we need more time to resolve the complaint, we will send an acknowledgement to the Customer within 5 working days and send a final response within 8 weeks of receipt of complaint. If Customer do not receive our final response after 8 weeks or unhappy with our final response, the Customer can write to The Financial Ombudsman Service, South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR. Phone:0845 080 1800:; Email: within six months from the date of final response.
  • We are also agents / clients of other money transfer service providers and making available these services to customers as their agents / Clients under their business terms and conditions. If a Customer avails service of those companies through us, the terms and conditions of those companies shall also be applicable for the transfer. Please ask staff in branch for details on them.
  • You agree to indemnify and hold us and our respective affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, agents, co-branders and other partners, directors, and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable lawyers' and legal fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of this service, your connection to the Service, your violation of the terms of this agreement, or your violation of any rights of another.
  • Nothing contained in this Agreement is intended to confer nor shall confer upon any person,other than the parties hereto, any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of this Agreement or any benefits or remedies of any kind or character whatsoever, and no such person shall be deemed a third-party beneficiary under or by reason of this Agreement.
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