Why send money online through Money2Anywhere.com?

Transfer Money Online in a Jiffy!

Your time is precious, and we totally get it. With Money2Anywhere.com, sending money is simple, quick and hassle-free.All you have to do is login and send the money. No time to login? You can still send money through us.

Best Exchange Rates

We want to make sure that you are able to send as much money as possible through optimal exchange rates. You can be assured that we offer the best exchange rates possible right here.


Multiple Payment Options

Want to do a bank transfer? No problem. Want to do a cash payout? No problem at all! With over 140 banks and 100,000 payout locations, we have got it all covered! You can send money either through your bank account or simply use your debit/credit card.

Safe and Secure

We value your money and your privacy as much as you do. Don’t fret, for we have deployed the best systems to ensure that your money and your account details are not compromised! Our SSL encryption protects your data and money transfer from theft and other fraudulent activities.

Trusted by many to transfer money

Moving money anywhere, anytime!

How it is done

Please sign-up with us to make a transaction. Login to your account and add a recipient to whom you want to send money. After this, just enter the amount, choose the payment option and click! Voila, your money is on its way to your recipient! Yes, it’s that simple! Really it is.

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  • "Thank you for providing such a convenient way for us to send money without any hindrance."

    Mr. Manish Kumar

  • "It has been more than one year since I am using M2A service to remit money, it is one of the easiest way of remitting money and I am very much satisfied."

    Mr. Nair Unnikrishnan

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